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Welcome to our website, and I hope you’ll find much to interest you. 
Hythe House Support offers care to children and young people and support to foster carers that is second to none.

My family and I fostered many children between 1987 and 2003, and then created Hythe House Support to continue this commitment.  Our mission is to put children first, and ensure that the fostering experience is a positive experience.  The children we care for need a safe, loving environment, appropriate professional support and above all, to have their voices heard.

My own childhood experience of being in care means I never lose sight of the child’s experience in the fostering process.  I know what it means to be apart from your family, and the emotional impact this can have.  But we, and the special people who become foster carers with Hythe House Support can and do make an enormous and positive difference in children’s lives.

Maggie Duffy,
Founder, Hythe House Support