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Hythe House Celebrates our Tenth Birthday

Hythe House Celebrates our Tenth Birthday
Back in 2003, London’s congestion charge was introduced, and Concorde flew for the last time.  Mick Jagger was knighted, and the unknown J K Rowling published the first of her Harry Potter books.  Dirty Den Watts returned to Eastenders and Rowan Williams became Archbishop of Canterbury.  Roman Abramovich bought Chelsea Football Club, and the first Twenty20 cricket matches were played.
This was also the year that Hythe House Support came into being, founded by Maggie Duffy and her family, who had been a fostering family for many years and had cared for dozens of children over that time.
During the last ten years, over 100 children and young people have become part of the Hythe House family and been helped to a happier and brighter future.
We look forward to the next ten years.

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