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Hythe House Education About Us

We opened our school at the same time as our fostering agency to meet the needs of our initial placements.


We have come a long way since opening in March 2003 but the school still runs with the original ethos and values set at the very beginning.


The student’s happiness and wellbeing is crucial to helping them to learn and achieve in a supportive, nurturing environment, we aim to make new students feel welcome through the relaxed atmosphere felt throughout the school, whilst maintaining fair boundaries to create excellent behaviour.


Many of the young people who come to our school have a negative view of education based on their previous experiences but, we turn their negative views into positive ones in an environment where they can achieve and express themselves without the fear of ridicule from peers.


Robert Duffy

Head Teacher


Hythe House Education is governed by the proprietors who are contactable through Hythe House Support as detailed through the Contact Us link at the top of this page.


Hythe House Educations Head Teacher is Robert Duffy.