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Hythe House Support welcomes applications from both new and experienced foster carers. 
If you are already registered as a fostercarer but are considering moving to another agency, you will have many things to consider, first and foremost the effect it may have on any young person you are currently fostering.
However, just like any other working person, as a foster carer you have every right to change your employer.  We follow the ‘transfer protocol’ as published by the Fostering Network, and invite you to read this carefully.  To download a copy of the protocol, click here.
The protocol states: 'The transfer of carers protocol is based on the assumption that carers have the right to freedom of movement between fostering services; and the principle that, in all circumstances, the welfare of any child in placement must be paramount' (Fostering Network)
We support and guide transferring foster carers through every step of this process to make sure the transition is smooth for both you and any children you are fostering.  As you have already been through the checks and processes of becoming a foster carer, transferring may be easier and quicker than you expect.
Why transfer to Hythe House Support?  We believe we can offer you support, training and out of hours help that is better than you may have experienced, and we promote a small and friendly family ethos that will add to your enjoyment of fostering.  We pay very competitive allowances, and offer more paid respite than most agencies, but if you are paid more with your current agency and transfer to us, we will undertake to match your current allowance.
If you are considering changing agency, contact us today to talk in confidence to our Agency Manager.  Please be assured, we would never talk to your current agency until you have decided to make a formal application to us.