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Hythe House Support Fair Processing Notice
What Information does Hythe House Support Keep?
Hythe House Support holds the following information on computer and paper form about children and families we provide a service to and people who help us provide the service. These include Social Services, Foster carers, Social workers, Therapists and Guardians.
Personal Data
When you or someone referring you to our service gives us your name, date of birth, address, telephone number, we record it so we know who you are and can keep in touch with you.
Sensitive Personal Information
If you agree to tell us we record sensitive information like; your race and religion in order to give a good service.
Additional Records
We will record our work with you. This will include assessments, plans, reviews, meetings, reports, letters, and emails. You will be given copies of key documents as they are completed.
Why do we keep this information?

Sharing Information about you with other agencies
It may be necessary to talk or write to other professionals about you if we are trying to get a service for you or another professional working with you asks us if we know you.
We will always try to do this with your agreement but sometimes we must, by law, pass on information where:

The systems we use to keep your records make sure we are all better able to work together to deliver services to you. Staff are only allowed to see your information if they need to do so to provide a service to you or to make sure your information is accurate and stored correctly. Hythe House Support staff have to sign a confidentiality statement stopping them from breaking your confidentiality.
Your Rights
You have the right to see the information we keep about you or those you have parental responsibility for. If you wish to look at the personal information held, please contact the Hythe House Support Data Protection Officer on 01795 438634 or via email at davidduffy@hythehousesupport.co.uk.